Santa Barbara County
Green Business Program

Join the Green Business Community!

Help make our communities healthier and more livable while also conserving resources and saving money! The Green Business certification is a great way to show your community that you share their environmental values. Certified Green Businesses voluntarily follow best practices for energy and water conservation, pollution prevention, waste management, toxics reduction, employee commute, and education. Our staff will support you through the process and connect you with all the resources you'll need to get certified.

  • Community Environmental Council

    "We are thrilled to be recognized as an Innovator of the Green Business Program! We have innovated, incubated, scaled up and brought into the community dozens of projects in areas such as solar energy, clean transportation, waste reduction, environmental education, and food system reform. "

    Sigrid Wright, CEO
    Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center

    "We were so fortunate to find support in this effort from the Green Business Program. The checklist, ongoing support and continued learning opportunities inspire us to be better environmental stewards, and provide us with tools that we can also share with our visitors."

    Richard Smalldon, Director
    Santa Barbara
  • Toad&Co.

    "We aim to inspire our staff, customers, and community to make environmentally responsible choices and lead in living a sustainable lifestyle. We are proud to be an Innovator within the California Green Business Network and will continue to look for ways to improve and exceed our goals."

    Sarah Palladino, Community Relations Manager and Culture Steward
    Santa Barbara
  • Allen Construction

    "Now on our second recertification, the Green Business Program continues to encourage us to think outside the box to do more. It is a process that all businesses should undertake to ensure they have a lighter footprint on our planet."

    Karen Feeney, Business Development Manager
    Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

    "We know that our future survival depends on our willingness to embrace changes that can mitigate the damage caused by the many ways we have negatively impacted the environment we share with all living things."

    Luke J. Swetland, President and CEO
    Santa Barbara
  • Oniracom

    "We cannot thank the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County enough for pushing and educating us to be better for our planet. Oniracom will continue to build upon the knowledge we have; our Innovator certification is just the beginning."

    EmmaClaire Brock, Communications Strategist & Video Specialist
    Santa Barbara
  • The Wildling Museum of Art & Nature

    "The recertification process was painless but also served as a good reminder that we can always strive to do better in almost any area of our operation—so it’s both motivating and enlightening. I had a few questions along the way and the Program Director was very responsive and helpful."

    Stacey Otte-Demangate, Executive DIrector